Crystal Collection

Swarovski crystal accentuates the warm wood colours. Add a sparkle to your iDryad!

The designs are precision-made by traditional craftsmen from the Alps. Jewelry designers set the Swarowski elements individually into pre-drilled fittings.

A one year warranty applies to all Swarovski element settings.

The iDryad crystal motifs are available for all iPhone types.


Engraved designs with a certain something

Highlights I love you

Swarovski I love you

Highlights Owl

Swarovski Eule

Highlights Lotus

Swarovski Lotos


Subtle, chic and goes with everything

Elegance Ornament Back

Swarovski Ornament Rückseite

Elegance Ornament Side

Swarovski Ornament Seite

Elegance Ornament Edelweiss

Swarovski Ornament Edelweiss

Elegance Heart

Swarovski Elegance Herz


Straight out of Sheherazades fairy tales

DeLuxe Love

Swarovski Deluxe Love

DeLuxe Om

Swarovski Deluxe Om

DeLuxe Yin-Yang

Swarovski Deluxe Yin-Yang