Whoever owns a smart phone, is sooner or later confronted by the need to protect these clever contemporaries. Most covers, which protect your hand-held miracle from scratches and bumps, are made of silicon or hard plastic. But this is now over.

We conciously employ wood as basic material and set ourselves apart from the “life in plastic, it’s fantastic” world.

Solid wood is a special material. It is lively, energetic and unique. Each piece of wood embodies the history, the essence and the character of the tree. Just as every tree is unique, so is every iDryad Accessory a unique piece with individual colouring and characteristic wood grain.

You certainly know the sensation of touching and smelling on a natural piece of wood. We at iDryad would like to convey this sensation to you every day.

iDryad stands for:

  • High quality natural products with a „je ne sais quoi“
  • Premium wood from sustainably managed forests in the Alps regions
  • Ecxlusively made in Austria, Germany and Switzerland